WebDAV File Management

Deveo allows you to manage and share files with WebDAV straight in the UI. This blog post walks you through this fantastic feature!

Optimizing Rendering of Long Lists in Front-End Web Applications

This blog post reviews different approaches to rendering long lists in single-page applications, and how such scenarios can be optimized.

What's new in Deveo 3.19

This blog post walks you through the noteworthy changes in Deveo 3.19 including drag & drop sorting for issues and file uploads for WebDAV repositories.

Secrets of an efficient remote team

What makes Deveo's remote team so efficient? We listed the factors that allow our team to deliver results despite the distance between us.

New merge methods in Deveo 3.18

Deveo's version 3.18 added support for merging Git code reviews by rebasing or squashing. This blog post walks you through the new merge methods.

Finding an optimal sticky element solution

This blog post walks you through on some flaws on sticky element solutions and how to find your ideal way of implementing a sticky element on your website.

What's new in Deveo 3.18?

Introduction to Deveo 3.18 features, such as different merge strategies for git repositories, filtering due dates and Jenkins hook support for SVN repos.

What is SVN?

SVN - or Subversion - is an open source, centralized version control system. Read more about its benefits, common problems, and usage here!

What's new in Mercurial (HG) 4.2?

This blog post introduces and walks through the most important and noteworthy changes in Mercurial 4.2 release.

Forking and Pull Requests in Deveo

This blog post introduces pull requests and forking functionality in Deveo. It walks through how to create a pull request between a repository and its fork.