Accounts and Companies Demystified

Accounts and Companies Demystified

Since we publicly launched Deveo there have been a lot of questions regarding different types of Deveo Accounts, Deveo Companies and how they work. Today, we would like to demystify this topic.

Deveo Accounts

In general, there are only two types of accounts in Deveo.

Deveo Account for Account Manager

This is the one you use to manage your plan, number of seats and everything to do with billing. In most of the cases, only the Purchasing responsible person will need this account. However, when you sign up at, we automatically create you a Deveo Client account and log you in, so you can try out our Deveo Cloud installation.

Deveo Account for Deveo Client

This is the one you use for Deveo Client and the underlying platform. It is a separate account and has nothing to do with an account at Since Deveo Cloud is just another Deveo On-premises installation, it has its own account system. The On-premises users have their own URL to Deveo Client.

Deveo Company

In Deveo, we have a notion of a Company. Think of it as your isolated space at Deveo with its own accounts, applications, and data. To ensure greater security and support for enteprise workflows, there is no a single bit of data shared between the Deveo Companies.

When you sign up at we automatically create a company for you at our Deveo Cloud installation. In contrast, the Deveo On-premises users create the companies themselves, during Deveo installation and configuration.

Until today, it was not trivial to use multipe companies in Deveo. Hence, we have released an update, which fixes this problem. You can now sign in to different Deveo companies and switch between them. Remember though, the Deveo companies are separate entities, and therefore you will have different login credentials to access each of them.

Company URLs

In order to support users with multiple companies, we had to change the Deveo Client URL scheme. From now on, you need to provide either the Deveo Company ID or have it in the URL.

For instance, the old URL:


Where, acme is the identifier for your Deveo Company. If you do not provide the name, we will ask you to enter one, when signing in to Deveo.


This change to URLs is backwards compatible, however the old URL format will be deprecated on October 1, 2013. So, please update any resources pointing to Deveo Client with the new URL scheme.

Signing in to another company

To sign in to another company, click "Add account" under the top right hand side dropdown menu. You will be asked to provide login credentials and Deveo Company name you are trying to access.


If you aren't sure in which company you are now, look at the top left corner, where you will find the name of the company.

Switching between companies

To switch to another company, click "Switch to acme" (replace acme with your company name) under the same menu. You will be redirected to the selected company context.


Logging out from Deveo

When you click "Log out", Deveo will log you out from all signed in Companies.

Forgot company identifier?

If you happen to forget your company identifier, use the "Forgot password or company?" link shown in the screenshot above.


We would love to hear your feedback regarding this change. If you got anything, please contact us.

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