Announcing Deveo 2.3.0: Collaborators, new API and UI improvements

Announcing Deveo 2.3.0: Collaborators, new API and UI improvements

We're excited to announce the 2.3.0 release of Deveo. I would like to share with you what we've been working on for the past two months and walk you through some of the features: Collaborators, API version 1, and UI improvements.


Until this moment, all Deveo user accounts were treated as "employees" and had the similar visibility in Deveo company scope. These standard accounts are able to see other people registered in the system and their details, such as emails, projects and groups. Additionally, LDAP pass-through authentication is enabled for these accounts.

There are times though, when you would like to invite external collaborators or contractors, such as freelance designers, researchers or simply engineering workforce, to work on your projects temporarily. So far only Deveo company admins were able to invite users to Deveo. However, this process caused unnecessary overhead to company admins and didn't really solve the problem of limiting visibility to specific projects.

Today we are introducing a new type of Deveo accounts - collaborators. In a nutshell, any Deveo user is able to invite external collaborators to the company by providing their email. The collaborators will then receive an email with a link for setting their initial password, and after choosing one, will be signed in automatically. It's that easy!

There are a number of restrictions to Deveo collaborator accounts:

  • They are only able to see the projects they have been added to.
  • They can not see any company scope data.
  • They can only hold a ‘Guest’ or ‘Developer’ role in projects.

API version 1

When we started working on the Deveo collaborators feature described above, it was obvious that it would require backwards incompatible changes. The current version 0 of Deveo API was introduced long ago and has some inconsistencies and drawbacks. We decided this was the perfect time to adhere to API design best practices, and release the enhanced version along the way.

Starting today Deveo API version 1 is the default one, but we will still be supporting version 0 for at least half a year. Hence, we strongly recommend you to upgrade your tools and integrations to use the new version. See the Deveo API upgrade guide we've prepared for you.

UI improvements

It has been almost 3 months since we announced the new Deveo Brand and UI facelift. We've got a lot of feedback that helped us set new targets to make Deveo UI even more appealing and easy to use. Thank you!

The most common negative feedback we received was the amount of whitespace and not-visible-enough "calls to action". Not to worry, that's exactly what we have been tackling so far. The new release has a number of improvements to give you additional space and to let you focus on the essential content.

We've also planned our next goals with the new UI, which will ease displaying and processing large amounts of enterprise data, bring clarity, and make Deveo features even more seamless. Here is a sneak peek to some of our plans:

Issues listing

Quick search


We hope you will enjoy this release and provide us feedback to make the Deveo even better.

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