Audit logs in Deveo 2.11.0

Audit logs in Deveo 2.11.0

Some of our customers are highly concerned about security constraints. Sometimes there are cases, such as internal or external audits where it is required to know exactly who has actually accessed what source code within the organization. It is also sometimes convenient to know who has tried to access the code. In Deveo 2.11.0 we released a feature called audit logs that tackle both needs.

In a nutshell, audit logs allow you to see a log of version control system operations against server. Every version control system operation is logged and the logs are stored in /var/log/deveo/audit by default. The logs are compressed and rotated daily, and kept for 90 days, however the settings can be fine tuned in deveo.json configuration file. With the settings you can modify the following settings related to log rotation:

  • Log rotation based on frequency
  • Log rotation based on size
  • Number of rotated files to keep

Below is an example of the output to the logs, you can further enhance the functionality using other tools available for log processing.

Example output of audit logs

Audit logs are on by default so no additional configuration is needed if the default settings work for you. Just update to or install Deveo 2.11.0 and you are up and running!

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