Deveo is proud to sponsor Java Day Kyiv 2016

We are proud to sponsor Java Day Kyiv 2016 on October 14 -15, 2016. Come say hi to us and tell what's bothering you with current Java tools.

What's new in Deveo 3.13

This blog post highlights the newest features that were released in Deveo 3.13. It will offer a good overview of features and improvements alike.

What's new in Git 2.10?

This blog post covers the latest changes and newest features in Git 2.10. Git is a distributed version control system designed for speed and efficiency.

JIRA Smart Commits

JIRA smart commits allow developers to perform actions like transitioning JIRA issues or recording time to them also in Deveo.

How to migrate a Confluence space to Markdown

This tutorial guides you in migrating a Confluence wiki space to Markdown files that can be stored to any Markdown based Wiki or CMS.

What's new in Deveo 3.12

Coverage of what's new in Deveo 3.12. Most visible changes are the drag & drop support for issues and new dashboard that lists your code reviews and issues.

User Experience: control for the user or behind the scenes magic?

Blog post describing the thought process and design decision we made on allowing users to configure default clone URL protocol for version control systems.

What's new in Mercurial 3.9

This blog post describes what's new in Mercurial 3.9 release. It summaries the best parts from the official verbose release notes.

Avoid exposing your code with strict multi-tenancy

This post explains the differences between a shared model and strict multi-tenancy utilized in Deveo in addition to mistakes you can avoid by using it.

How to plan your High-availability Deveo setup

This blog gives an overview of the requirements for a high-availability Deveo setup.