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Announcing Deveo 2.3.0: Collaborators, new API and UI improvements

Read from our blog what's new in Deveo 2.3. New API version and more.

The brand New Deveo - now in Beta

This blog post tells why we rebuilt the Deveo UI and how it looks like.

Deveo 1.3.0 released: WebDAV repositories and Deveo Cluster

This blog post describes the new changes in Deveo 1.3.0. New features include support for WebDAV repositories and ability to setup Deveo in clustered mode.

Accounts and Companies Demystified

This blog post demystifies how different types of accounts and companies work in Deveo.

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GitMinutes Episode #18: Deveo

Deveo APIs Released

We have just released open REST based APIs to Deveo. Read the release announcement from our blog.

Deveo ROI

The Lean Startup: A Secret Weapon For Established Software Companies