Global Code Search in Deveo

This blog post describes how code search functionality works in Deveo. Code search can be used to search code from repositories.

WebDAV File Management

Deveo allows you to manage and share files with WebDAV straight in the UI. This blog post walks you through this fantastic feature!

Optimizing Rendering of Long Lists in Front-End Web Applications

This blog post reviews different approaches to rendering long lists in single-page applications, and how such scenarios can be optimized.

New merge methods in Deveo 3.18

Deveo's version 3.18 added support for merging Git code reviews by rebasing or squashing. This blog post walks you through the new merge methods.

Forking and Pull Requests in Deveo

This blog post introduces pull requests and forking functionality in Deveo. It walks through how to create a pull request between a repository and its fork.

Ember 2.10 and Glimmer 2 performance improvements

In Deveo 3.15 we took into use Ember 2.10 and its Glimmer 2 rendering engine. This blog post walks you through the performance improvements int yielded.