Deveo 1.0.2 with offline updates

Deveo 1.0.2 with offline updates

Today we have released Deveo 1.0.2 that enables you to update or install your Deveo Standalone without open connection to Deveo. Just go to Deveo Install page and follow instructions.

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Why offline updates, you might ask?

  • Since there is no need to have an open connection to Deveo, your server is more secure against malicious attacks.

  • Deveo Standalone is a self-contained package. Hence, you do not need to worry about intermediate, or so called "delta" updates. You can update to the latest Deveo version from whichever version you use.

  • "Download & Install" approach prevents the problems of data corruption and incosistency. Be sure to check the MD5 checksum against the downloaded package, though.

  • It is easier to install. Just run the installer and you are good to go.


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