Deveo 3.5.0 released with new features and lots of improvements

Deveo 3.5.0 released with new features and lots of improvements

Today marks the release of Deveo 3.5.0, our last release for the year 2015. From now on, we are striving to release a new version of Deveo each month.

This post is a quick glance into what's new in Deveo 3.5.0 as the release is packed with interesting features and improvements. We are going to cover the new features in-depth in individual blog posts later on.

The release notes for Deveo 3.5.0 and earlier versions can be viewed in full from our official release notes. We will also release appropriate blog posts about new releases from time to time.

New features

Deveo 3.5.0 introduces three new major features:

  1. Code reviews for Mercurial (HG) repositories
  2. JIRA smart commits
  3. Support for Android open source projects

Code reviews for Mercurial (HG) repositories

We introduced code review functionality to Deveo originally in Deveo 3.0.0. The code review functionality enables feature branch based workflows, where all changes are approved before they can be taken part of the mainline codebase.

In Deveo 3.5.0 we have extended the code review support for Mercurial (HG) repositories. Mercurial code reviews work with named branches in Deveo 3.5.0, and later on we are going to introduce support for using bookmarks. Both approvals and build event integrations work with code reviews done in Mercurial repositories similarly as they do with code reviews done in Git repositories.

JIRA smart commits

Even though Deveo offers a simple and convenient way to do issue tracking, many Deveo users still prefer Atlassian JIRA as their main tool of choice for issue tracking. In order to bring more value to these users, we have enhanced Deveo JIRA hook to support JIRA smart commits. JIRA smart commits allow repository committers to perform various actions on JIRA issues such as commenting, state transitioning and time reporting.

Existing Deveo JIRA hook allowed only transitioning issues based on the transition ID with more cumbersome syntax, and was therefore hardly used at all. With the updated JIRA hook and JIRA smart commits support, integrating your Git, Subversion and Mercurial repositories to JIRA projects should be convenient and powerful.

Support for Android open source projects

Android open source project utilizes the repo tool, that unifies the many Git repositories when necessary, does the uploads to Android open source project revision control system, and automates parts of the Android development workflow. Deveo 3.5.0 introduces support for Git repositories containing slashes ('/') and dots ('.'), which allows Deveo users to mirror Android open source projects to Deveo without any limitations that, for example GitHub, has.

Other improvements

Repository hooks are now triggered for newly created Git branches containing commits. This clears the confusion when pushing the branch for the first time and wondering why the hooks weren't triggered.

Repository readme files support referencing files from the same repository's latest revision. Referencing files comes handy when you wish to, for example, add the latest image of your architecture diagram to the README.

Adding users, groups, collaborators or bots to a project has been simplified. The default role is now Developer, as it's more often used than the Guest role. In addition, specifying the role when adding users to a project has been added to make it easier to add e.g. multiple administrators at a time.

In conclusion

There are even more improvements, and bug fixes in Deveo 3.5.0. You can read the official release notes here that contain all the specific improvements.

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