Deveo Flowdock Hooks Now Available

A few weeks ago we released our APIs, and today marks the second milestone in Deveo's integration and extension feature rollout: We are releasing a Flowdock service hook for pushes and commits.

Our service hook infrastructure is in place and we will be rolling out a wide array of services in the coming weeks, including things like generic email and HTTP, Jenkins, Campfire, and tens of other services (powered by all the good work that's been put into the github-services open source project). But since we love Flowdock and use it ourselves, we wanted to get that out early.

What This Means For You

You can receive an instant notification to your team's flow in Flowdock, so that you will be notified whenever someone pushes to your Git or Mercurial repositories or commits to your Subversion repositories. Everyone will stay up-to-date on what's going on with your code.


Since Flowdock provides threaded discussions, this also provides a nice light-weight code review workflow: You can discuss each push/commit in its own thread.

Setting It Up

To enable Flowdock hooks, first you need to find the API Token for your team's flow. In Flowdock, click the spanner icon on the top of the team inbox. A window pops up containing the API token:


Next, navigate to your project in Deveo. You will see a Hooks menu item on the project menu, which takes you to the Hooks page. The page lists the project's repositories, and you can manage the hooks of each repository separately:


To add a hook for a repository, click the "Add new hook". Select "Flowdock", and finally fill out the API token with the one from Flowdock:


The hook is now added and active! Make a push (Git or Mercurial) or a commit (Subversion) to test it.


If you want to access the hooks programmatically from scripts or tools, we also have a full set of APIs for hook management for you to use. See the Deveo developer documentation.

Have fun, and stay tuned for more hook services very soon!

by: Tero Parviainen

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