Deveo is proud to sponsor Java Day Kyiv 2016

Deveo is proud to sponsor Java Day Kyiv 2016

We at Deveo like Java. We also like Java developers. Some of the biggest customers using Deveo are using and developing Java based solutions in their business critical applications daily. We are keen to knowing what are the needs and bottlenecks of Java developers today, and how Deveo could bring more benefits to Java developers in the future.

Thus, Deveo is sponsoring Java Day Kyiv October 14-15 2016. Java Day Kyiv is a community-driven conference for Java developers. The conference is aimed for those with the passion for knowledge and desire to learn new things.

If you are participating to Java Day Kyiv next week, come say hi to us and tell what's bothering you in current Java development tool stack. Even better, signup for free to try Deveo, and let us know how we could make your daily Java development even more efficient.

Just look for the DEVEO logo above and come say hi! :) If you haven't registered to the conference yet, do so here.

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