From Helsinki with Love: Version 1.0

From Helsinki with Love: Version 1.0

Valentine's day is upon us and we have some great news. Many great stuff with big hearts and lots of love. Our customers are awesome and we love them. Today we are shipping our very own Deveo version 1.0. We think you will love it!

Oh by the way for those who are already using Deveo and because we love you so much we are extending your free trial for one more month.

Mercurial Support

One of the most requested features in Deveo has been Mercurial code browsing. So now you can rejoice, we have full Mercurial support. Mercurial users are no longer second class citizens.

When you visit Deveo Client and check one of your projects repository, which uses Mercurial, you will realize that, now you have code browser with syntax highlighting, diffs, history, tags and branches. Everything you wanted to have is available. How cool is that?!


When you login to Deveo Account the first thing you will notice is the Dashboard. In Dashboard you have notifications for your outstanding payments, and License information, which is a summary for the company name, number of seats, and plan type.

You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan, change the number of seats without getting into trouble.


Now you can see all of your payments at glance. It is simple. You can see the outstanding ones and those you have payed already. You can download the invoices with details.

Deveo Balance

We love our customers and of course we don't want them to get hurt. In Deveo Cloud, when you choose to change your plan or number of seats, the amount of unused days will be calculated and added to your balance. When you have a new payment period we will reduce your outstanding payment from the Deveo Balance.

Account Settings

We want our customers to be able to change their settings and information easily without getting frustrated. So when you are on your Deveo Account Dashboard, go to your "Account Settings" and change what you want.

With all of our love,
Happy Valentine's Day.

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