How to Maintain Control Over Your Software Vendors

How to Maintain Control Over Your Software Vendors

You know that your industry is highly affected by the digitalisation, right? If you know this, you probably have started to bring software development closer to your core business and strategy. If you haven't, you need to start. Now.

However, we all know that the key element of any successful company is the ability to focus on the company's core business. There's no point in starting to hire a bunch of software developers to your company if your company has no prior experience in software development. You'll loose your focus and will burn a lot of money. Luckily, there are a whole lot of software vendors, whose core competence is to create top-notch custom software solutions, and who are more than happy to help you with your software needs.

I discuss daily with companies that buy custom software from subcontractors. Very often, we end up discussing the lack of control companies have over their subcontractors, and what kind of problems this has caused and will cause in the long run. I usually end up stressing the following quote.

"Trust is Good, Control is Better"

Although trust is an inseparable part of great relationships, I always prefer control over it, when it comes to business partnerships. You want to know, what, where, and how your vendors are developing your software.

If you are not paying attention to these issues, it means that you are not in control, but your vendor is.

Take the Power Back!

So, you need to get ensure that you are on the driver's seat of your software development. Here are a few tips that will help you to get started:

  1. Hire an expert, if you are not one of them
    You need to know what you are buying, so you need to have a software development expert on your side of the table.

  2. Choose the right tools
    With the right tools, you'll be able of having more transparency and control in the software development. This is especially important if you have multiple vendors.

  3. Store your own source codes
    If the software's IPRs are yours, you'll want to host the source codes on your premises. If the codes hosted by your vendors, it is always harder to change the vendor in the future.

Our core business in Deveo is to give you the proper, intuitive and affordable tools for managing your software development and vendors effectively. If you feel that you could have better control over your software development, just contact us and we'll make sure together that you will be in charge of your software development.

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