Grab Your Team Members' Attention With In-App Mentions

Grab Your Team Members' Attention With In-App Mentions

When you want to grab your colleagues attention, talking to him/her is a viable option. People figured that one out already 100,000 years ago. Nowadays, mere speech can't cover all of the communication needs we have. Especially in software development, where we often need to draw our colleague's attention to very specific issues, and we probably are working away from each other.

This is why allowing developers to contact each other by using mentions is a good idea in any development tool. Deveo introduced in-app mentions in version 3.7.0

Deveo has always focused on making collaboration in software development more efficient. Commenting and discussing with your team members under different projects has been made easy. In addition, you are able to comment a single issue, a single code line in a code repository, or a code review. With in-app mentions, communication is even more effective because you can mention your colleagues by using @ sign and they'll know immediately, where you want them to focus on.

If you come to think about it, it would be very hard to explain verbally to your colleague what you actually mean, if you want to draw their attention to a single line of code:

Steve: Hey, Karen! You should check this one line that says 'error'.

Karen: Can you be a bit more specific, please?

Steve: Yes. It says self = [super initWithType:typename...

Karen: Stop! I'll come over.

By using a mention in Deveo, Steve could have just mentioned Karen in the code line and Karen would have known exactly, what on earth Steve is talking about.

This short video below shows, how mentions actually work in Deveo's issue management view.

The mention feature is a great addition to Deveo, and improves teams internal communication and collaboration.

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