New merge methods in Deveo 3.18

New merge methods in Deveo 3.18

The recent Deveo 3.18 release added support for merging Git code reviews using different merge methods. This blog post gives a quick run through of the new functionalities.

Different merge methods

Prior to Deveo 3.18, code reviews were always merged using merge commits (i.e. merge --no-ff). This approach retains the full history of changes but makes the history more verbose and complex which might not fit every teams' workflows.

Deveo 3.18 adds support for two additional merge methods for Git code reviews: rebase and squash.

Rebase and merge

With rebase and merge, all the commits will be individually rebased. The base branch is also fast forwarded to the newly rebased head, thus avoiding the creation of an explicit merge commit.

Rebase and merge

Use rebase if you would prefer a clean history free of separate merge commits.

Squash and merge

Like the name suggests, squash and merge combines a set of commits into a single commit.

Squash and merge

Use this method if you would like to keep the history neat. A real life example for using this option would be a feature or bug fix branch with multiple work-in-progress commits that you would like to combine into a coherent, final commit as there is no need to retain the full history.

Configuring the defaults

Repository administrators have the ability to configure the default code review settings for each repository. The settings are accessed from the Repository Settings view:

Default settings

These settings will be used as the default merge action in code reviews:

Merge button

Furthermore, clicking on the cogwheel icon allows you to select a different merge option for merging:

Merge methods

Please note that you might not always be able to delete the head branch due to insufficient privileges (project or repository role). This might be the case if the head branch is protected, or if you are merging a fork. In this case, the checkbox will be disabled.

For more information about different roles in Deveo, please see the project and repository roles section in our user guide.


We hope the new merge methods and default configuration options will allow teams to better incorporate code reviews in Deveo to their existing Git workflows.

What else would you like to see in the upcoming releases? Let us know by commenting below or by dropping an email at!

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