New direction

New direction

I changed jobs recently, taking the responsibility of business development and new business generation at Deveo. This is a thrilling time for me since I can concentrate my skills on business development and sales.

A little bit of personal history. I have been working with automated quality assurance and software configuration management for over five years now. Doing work with both Saas solutions and large proprietary software I have learned some of the typical problems in software projects.

During the years in customer projects, I have gradually taken more and more sales and business-oriented approach in my work. Having to juggle between development and sales responsibilities on has been sometimes stressful, but most often rewarding.

Since joining Deveo we will take a new direction. The direction relies heavily on extensibility and customer focus. Our roadmap for the future is already full of nice surprises. You can see some of the items at Please give feedback or write a feature request to get your voice heard.

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