What's new in Mercurial (HG) 4.2?

This blog post introduces and walks through the most important and noteworthy changes in Mercurial 4.2 release.

Forking and Pull Requests in Deveo

This blog post introduces pull requests and forking functionality in Deveo. It walks through how to create a pull request between a repository and its fork.

What you didn't know about class and attribute bindings in Ember

This blog post describes some things that happen when using attribute bindings with HTML class in Ember.js.

What's new in Deveo 3.17?

Deveo 3.17 has been released! This release contains pull requests, maven repositories, emojis and due dates to issues. Read the details from the blog post.

Getting started with repository level authorization

Find out why Repository Level Authorization is a powerful addition to your repository hosting. Get started with Deveo today.

PromiseProxyMixin: pure Ember alternative to ember-concurrency

This blog post discusses about PromiseProxyMixin, which is a pure Ember alternative to ember-concurrency.

Deploy better code with Codacy and Deveo

This blog post walks you through step-by-step how to integrate Codacy with Deveo to analyze and improve your code.

Do not confuse environment for deploy target

A quick note for about deployment targets and environments from EmberJS point of view but applicable to all software development.

What's new in Mercurial (HG) 4.1?

This blog describes what's new in Mercurial (HG) 4.1. Mercurial is a distributed version control system. Deveo provides free Mercurial repository hosting.

“New to Deveo, already loving it” - an Interview with Arthur Casals

Arthur Casals is a PhD Student of Distributed AI in Universidade de São Paulo. In this interview, he tells why Deveo was the perfect tool for his course.