Release the Inner Legend of Your Software Development Team!

Release the Inner Legend of Your Software Development Team!

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.” - Bruce Lee

Mr. Lee knows what he's talking about. Without the ability to focus on the essentials, he wouldn't have become the legend we all know today.

To be the legend of software development, you need to cut the inessentials. This field is especially vulnerable to unnecessary overhead. Scattered tools, inefficient practices, and weak collaboration will all result in time wasted.

So, what should you do then? In order to help you, I listed the following three ways to bring the best out of your software development team.

1. Consolidation

A natural first step is to consolidate your development environment. If your development team uses many different tools, you'll waste time and resources, lose the transparency of your software development, and bear the risk of overlooked security.

Each tool needs administration and upkeep. The time required is taken either from your developers or from a service provider. The former costs time, the latter money.

By consolidating the tools, you will not only cut the excess work, but you will also make your developers' work easier. The best case scenario, they could even work from one single platform.

2. Delegated Access Management

To be the legend, you most definitely need to collaborate with other people! And the first step in collaboration is to give your collaborators the ability to actually work and communicate with you.

In software development, this translates as the management of access rights. Over the years, we have met a lot of companies, where access management has been centralized to one department. As a result, a lot of developers' time is wasted in filing tickets, and waiting for the permissions from the centralized IT.

When you need to let your customer or a new developer enter your development environment, you need it to happen fast. It is frustrating to wait for the permissions from centralized IT when there's a deadline to be met. And time is money.

A legend wouldn't settle for waiting, and would thus rather grant the access himself. That's why Deveo includes delegated access management. In Deveo, the project owner can grant access to other developers, and even outside collaborators (such as customers or subcontractors) instantly, and securely.

3. High Level of Usability

Software developers are a bright bunch of people. You give them a new tool, and before you know, they have learned to use it. This has resulted in a situation, where the usability of software development tools has been neglected.

In your endeavor to cut the unnecessary overhead, you should also consider giving your development team a possibility to use tools that are designed from the end user's perspective. Weak usability will diminish the results since mental capacity is wasted in operating the tool. That capacity could be used in creating new software.

Bruce Lee certainly didn't waste his days using complex equipment. He focused on the results.

In Conclusion - Keep It Simple

In order to keep up with the pace of software development, you need to become a legend. And as was shown above, the legends know, how to cut the inessentials.

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