Several New Deveo Service Hooks Available

Several New Deveo Service Hooks Available

Today we are rolling out a bunch of new Deveo service integrations, as promised a couple of weeks ago when we announced the Flowdock service hook.

As of today, your possibilities for integrating Deveo to other services are wider than ever: In addition to everything you can do with the Deveo APIs, you can now set up Git, Mercurial, and Subversion push notifications for a wide range of services with just a few clicks in the Deveo web client.

The most requested new hook we have is the email push hook. It allows you to receive an email notification whenever someone pushes code to one of your projects.

We also have a generic web hook, allowing an arbitrary HTTP service to receive a nudge when someone pushes code to Deveo.

Finally, if you're using some of the following services or products, we've got customized push hooks for you:

Project Management And Issue Tracking

Group Chat And Collaboration

Continuous Integration

Social Networks

Event Queueing and Propagation


Time Tracking


Our hook infrastructure is powered by the open source github-services effort and we're currently working on enabling even more services and events through our hook infrastructure. Stay tuned for that, and in the meanwhile, sign up to Deveo, create a project, and navigate to the Hooks page to link your development work up to other services.

by: Tero Parviainen

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