Share your thoughts with us on GoTo Berlin 2016

Share your thoughts with us on GoTo Berlin 2016

Deveo is a proud sponsor of GoTo Berlin 2016, which takes place on November 14th-15th. It is the place to be for software developers, architects, team leads, and project managers. As the organizers put it, GoTo Berlin is organized "for developers, by developers". Last year's event was our first GoTo Berlin as sponsors, and I can tell from experience that you truly can see that the event is truly for the developer community.

Last year's speakers were fantastic, and this year the talks appear to be even more interesting. I'm especially looking forward to Dave Farley's talk about Continuous Delivery, and Mary Poppendieck's thoughts on the future of software development.

We come to GoTo Berlin to learn

In addition to the highly educational talks, we want to hear what the event attendees have to say about the future of software development, DevOps, the software development tools, and the daily development work in general. We are there to learn from the attendees so that we can connect to the developer community.

To us, connecting to the developer community means that we listen carefully to the needs and feedback of the developer community have and create our roadmap according to these needs. One good example of this approach is the way we handled a feature request made by our customer Solita:

Solita needed a method for including collaborators straight from the company LDAP in their Deveo. The collaborator accounts were already widely used in our other customers, so we evaluated the idea and noticed that it was indeed a great improvement. It took us only a couple of months to publish this cool new feature.

Unlimited free accounts to Deveo cloud platform!

During GoTo Berlin, we hope that you visit our booth and tell us your needs like Solita did. "Why?", you might ask. The reason is simple: we decided to change our pricing model and now we offer unlimited free and private Git, Subversion, and Mercurial repositories in Deveo's cloud platform! We aim at providing the developer community with the best possible tools and help you to focus on creating awesome software!

Thus, the best way to get the most out of the code hosting and collaboration platform Deveo is to share your thoughts with us! Your feature needs might be released in Deveo in the future and you'll have the tool that suits your need perfectly!

Lastly, we'll also have a prize raffle among all of the people who sign up to Deveo's free cloud during GoTo Berlin. Even if the prize goes to somebody else, you end up having free private repository hosting platform with a bunch of other cool features!

Even better, you can also sign up to Deveo in advance here and we can give you a tutorial on power using it during the conference.

Hope to see you at GoTo Berlin!

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