Sometimes You Need To Delete

Sometimes You Need To Delete

We have rolled out a set of new features allowing you to delete obsolete data and manage Deveo company admins.

Managing company admins

Before you had only one admin for your entire Deveo company. Now you can make other people company admins, who can manage users and projects within a company. Being an admin is very powerful. As an admin you can see all the projects, public or private, manage company users such as deactivating or adding new ones.


Deactivating users

As mentioned already, as an admin you can add or deactivate users. As an admin you are like Superman. So do be careful and use your powers for good!

The deactivated users are disabled from the system, which means they are not going to be able to sign in to Deveo, access repositories, nor counted towards your Deveo plan. However, their activity remains visible to other active users, which is very convenient to track the history of people left the company.

Deleting Projects

In addition to deactivating users, you can now delete projects. Sometimes you just need to delete. For instance, you might have created a project by mistake or you no longer need it. Keep in mind the Superman thingy.

To delete a project:

  • Go to your project from the Dashboard
  • Click "Settings and bot accounts" to open the settings pane
  • Under the "Maintenance" section you will see "Delete this project"


Deleting Repositories

Finally, in addition to projects deletion and users deactivation, you can delete project repositories.

To delete a repository:

  • Enter your project from the Dashboard
  • Select Repositories from the left menu
  • In the middle you will see "gear" symbol. If you click it you will have the chance to delete your repository.


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