Grab Your Team Members' Attention With In-App Mentions

If you need to draw your colleagues attention to a certain code line or an issue, you'll want to use mentions. This blog post shows how they work in Deveo.

How to Improve Documentation in Software Development

Documentation is often neglected. This blog post demonstrates a helpful tool for improving the level of documentation in your software development team.

How to configure a default company to your Deveo on-premises installation

This blog post describes how to configure a default company to your Deveo on-premises installation. There's a video walkthrough included.

Revised bot account scheme in Deveo 3.4.0

A blog post describing the reasons why we revised our bot account scheme in Deveo 3.4.0. It also introduces the new bot account scheme in detail.

Code review workflow in Deveo

This blog post will walk you through Deveo code review workflow for Git repositories. The code review is branch based, powerful and easy to setup.

Protected branches in Deveo 2.9.0

Deveo 2.9.0 introduces protected branches to Git that allow better workflows within development teams and governance over who can submit changes.