Forking and Pull Requests in Deveo

This blog post introduces pull requests and forking functionality in Deveo. It walks through how to create a pull request between a repository and its fork.

What's new in Git 2.11

This blog post describes the most interesting changes in Git 2.11. The blog post will walk you through the important changes without diving to the details.

What is Git?

What is Git? A flexible, secure, and efficient distributed version control system, suited to a range of software projects - read more here!

What is version control?

Version control systems record and store multiple changes to files, so you can revert to a specific change point in the file or project's history.

Comparison of Git-powered wiki features in cloud-based SCM tools

How does the git-powered wiki differ between Deveo, GitLab, GitHub, and BitBucket? Read this blog post and find out!

List of equivalent commands in Git, Mercurial, and Subversion

What are the command equivalents in these three version control systems? Check out this list, and master the commands in all of them.

What's new in Git 2.10?

This blog post covers the latest changes and newest features in Git 2.10. Git is a distributed version control system designed for speed and efficiency.

What's new in Git 2.9?

In this blog post, we cover the most important changes in Git 2.9 - a free and open source distributed version control system.

Why WebDAV Repository is Such a Cool Feature?

It is not recommended to store large binary files in version control systems. See, how you can avoid that by using WebDAV repositories in Deveo.

TeamCity integration to feature branch workflow

A hands-on tutorial on how to integrate TeamCity continuous integration server to Git feature branch workflow using Deveo.