Migrating from TFVC to Git

This blog post describes how you can migrate your TFVC repository into a Git repository using Git-TF tool.

Git aliases we use at Deveo

This article describes the most commonly used Git aliases we use at Deveo. The aliases we use are mostly simple actions against the local repository.

How to create a local Android open source project mirror

A blog post describing step by step instructions on how to setup a local android open source project mirror behind your corporate firewall using Deveo.

Jenkins integration to feature branch workflow

A blog post on how to build a feature branch and code review based workflow utilizing feedback from Jenkins continuous integration server as a quality gate.

Code review workflow in Deveo

This blog post will walk you through Deveo code review workflow for Git repositories. The code review is branch based, powerful and easy to setup.

How to manage large binary files in Git with Git LFS and Artifactory

How to setup a Git repository in Deveo, a Git LFS repository in Artifactory, and how to configure the created Git repository to use the Git LFS Repository.

Deveo 3.0.0 released

Deveo 3.0.0 contains rewritten web client, code reviews for git repositories, background service upgrades as well as issue tracking and wiki enhancements.

Storing large binary files in git repositories

Blog post that explains differences between 7 solutions for storing large binary files in git repositories, as well as listing the pros and cons of each.

Protected branches in Deveo 2.9.0

Deveo 2.9.0 introduces protected branches to Git that allow better workflows within development teams and governance over who can submit changes.

Your Git Repository in a Database: Pluggable Backends in libgit2

Libgit2 provides the ability to store data in .git directory to relational or a NoSQL database, or an in-memory data structure.