How the Kanban method is inspiring our approach to issue management

In this blog post we take a look at the Kanban method, and how it has inspired the issue management workflow in Deveo, since the release of Deveo 3.12.

Why we use integrations to improve our communication and productivity as a distributed team

In this post I take a look at how we use integrations and automation to overcome the most critical challenge of being a distributed team: Communication.

How to find your ideal software development tools

In order to help you find your ideal software development tools, we wrote this handy how-to guide! Read it before you end up with the wrong tools.

3 crucial questions to help you choose a code hosting platform

Even savvy developers can find navigating the saturated market of code hosting platforms a chore. These questions will point you in the right direction.

Grab Your Team Members' Attention With In-App Mentions

If you need to draw your colleagues attention to a certain code line or an issue, you'll want to use mentions. This blog post shows how they work in Deveo.

How to Improve Documentation in Software Development

Documentation is often neglected. This blog post demonstrates a helpful tool for improving the level of documentation in your software development team.

Git aliases we use at Deveo

This article describes the most commonly used Git aliases we use at Deveo. The aliases we use are mostly simple actions against the local repository.

The Danger of Premature Automation

How I'm Seeking Flow in a Startup Environment