What's new in Deveo 3.17?

Deveo 3.17 has been released! This release contains pull requests, maven repositories, emojis and due dates to issues. Read the details from the blog post.

What's new in Deveo 3.16?

This blog post walks through what has changed in Deveo 3.16 release. All of the important new features, enhancements and bug fixes are listed in this post.

What's new in Deveo 3.15

This blog post walks you through the latest changes on Deveo: repository level access rights, password expiration and Ember 2.10 upgrade to name a few.

What's new in Git 2.11

This blog post describes the most interesting changes in Git 2.11. The blog post will walk you through the important changes without diving to the details.

What's new in Mercurial 4.0

This blog post covers the most notable changes in Mercurial (HG) 4.0 to end users.

What's new in Deveo 3.14

This blog post covers what new features and other enhancements are included in Deveo 3.14. The blog post offers an overall coverage including screenshots.

What's new in Deveo 3.13

This blog post highlights the newest features that were released in Deveo 3.13. It will offer a good overview of features and improvements alike.

What's new in Git 2.10?

This blog post covers the latest changes and newest features in Git 2.10. Git is a distributed version control system designed for speed and efficiency.

What's new in Deveo 3.12

Coverage of what's new in Deveo 3.12. Most visible changes are the drag & drop support for issues and new dashboard that lists your code reviews and issues.

What's new in Mercurial 3.9

This blog post describes what's new in Mercurial 3.9 release. It summaries the best parts from the official verbose release notes.