What is SVN?

SVN - or Subversion - is an open source, centralized version control system. Read more about its benefits, common problems, and usage here!

What is version control?

Version control systems record and store multiple changes to files, so you can revert to a specific change point in the file or project's history.

List of equivalent commands in Git, Mercurial, and Subversion

What are the command equivalents in these three version control systems? Check out this list, and master the commands in all of them.

What's new in Subversion 1.9

Apache Subversion 1.9 has been released. This blog post covers summary of the release notes and gives considerations on upgrading.

How to improve svn performance over 7 times

A blog post describing how caching of credentials can benefit Subversion performance over 7 times.

3 reasons not to host source code of all projects under one repository

A blog post about the downfalls of hosting source code of all your projects under one source code repository.