The brand New Deveo - now in Beta

The brand New Deveo - now in Beta

Today we are proud to announce the whole new Deveo brand and the beta version of Deveo UI. It's now more simple, clear and fresh. For the past several months our team has designed and engineered the new look of Deveo, and today you can see it live at I thought I would share with you how it has all started, the design decisions we made and what you can expect to see next. Ah, and there is a surprise, so read on...

How it started

Though we've started the redesign process in the beginning of summer, it has been laying on our table (a.k.a. backlog) for almost a year now. When we began Deveo product development, things were moving blazing fast. We had a lot of features to implement and the overall look-n-feel of Deveo hasn't changed since then. You know when you are starting up, you do not have a lot of time to "think things through", especially when it comes to design. There is always an urge to build MVP (minimum viable product) and get it to your next potential customer.

We have been pleased with our Deveo UI for a long time. It looked quite appealing in the beginning, and helped us to attract many people. However, the more features we added, the more issues were popping up. Regardless how beautiful Deveo UI was at first, it wasn't really optimised for daily use. The turning point was the release of Deveo Wiki app, when we realized that our UI was not content oriented. But isn't that the whole point - you build something, measure and learn?! We learned that the product design you make today is not what it's gonna be tomorrow, and when you find it out, take the risk to redesign it!

Design decisions

We knew the redesign of entire Deveo UI will take a lot of time, so our main goal was to bring clarity and readability to the content right away. Hence, we've decided to take smaller steps in the process, by doing the UI facelift first and drilling down later. Below is the summary of the things we have made available to you today:

Content first

When you browse through, you will notice we have switched to light color scheme to bring focus to the content. The texts are more readable, links are easily spotted and the main content area is at the focal point.

New fonts and icons

We've also changed to beautiful open-source Lato fonts and our own icon font. In the sidebar and some of the other places we've started using outline icons so they don't interfere with the content.

Buttons, dropdowns and fields

We've redesigned buttons, dropdowns and form fields to be more lightweight and structured.

Eliminated waste

Then we've removed everything that's not relevant. For example, there is no longer a User profile page since it does not yet bring any valuable information. The Repository overview has been replaced with the source code browser, and the heavy backend processing of custom Project avatars has been replaced with CSS.


Having been using the new Deveo UI for over two months internally, we quickly came to decision that our brand does not align any more. We wanted to have a new and improved logo, which is simple and clear as UI, but at the same time powerful and solid. We’re really stoked with the outcome and we are bringing out our new logo today.

What to expect next

What we are launching today is the first step towards Deveo UI makeover. During the next several months you will see a lot of changes across all of Deveo sites, including our main website, blog, developer and support portals. They will be all improved and aligned with the new brand and identity. In addition, we've started planning the next phase of UI redesign with some awesome features, which you will hear about soon.

The current Deveo will gradually migrate to domain and the will be only used for marketing and customer accounts. For the time being, you are still able to use the old client at

Deveo On-premises customers can expect to get the new package with all the latest features quite soon.

Last, but not least: Deveo Issues

With the new UI we are also releasing long-awaited Issue tracking feature, which had really started to shine with the new color scheme. We have been using it for quite some time now for our internal development and it's being constantly improved.

At the moment Deveo Issues supports Milestones, Colored labels, Custom states and priorities, Managing assignees and Comments. We will have another post coming up soon to walk you through this feature. For now enjoy the new Deveo App and stay tuned!

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