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Welcome to the Deveo Developer pages and the Deveo Blog. The Developer pages will contain information for software developers using, maintaining and extending Deveo.

Authors who publish their posts here, are employees of Eficode, though not necessarily members of the Deveo team. Some material published here may also be published on people's own blogs and sites. As such, the material presented here will contain people's own opinions, experiences and views, which may or may not reflect the views of our employer. This way we can actually say things that are, well... not boring.

With that said, we'll publish official stuff like product announcements and official information here as well, but that's not the primary purpose of this blog. We will focus more on technology and IT industry related articles though our people are free to publish things they think might be interesting.

Be sure to follow @deveoteam on Twitter! We are frequently posting interesting things posted on the web by others, see on the right for our previous postings.

by: Visa Parviainen

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