What's new in Deveo 3.11?

What's new in Deveo 3.11?

We just released Deveo 3.11 packages. You can download the installation packages from our customer portal. What you might not have known before is that we release Deveo to the cloud a couple of days in advance of the on-premises release. This means cloud users can enjoy the benefits, a couple of days before on-premises users. You can also read the full list of features from our official release notes.

This release contains three major features, as well as a lot of smaller enhancements and improvements. The three new major features are Card layout for issues, the master role and exposing bots through Deveo LDAP. In addition, we have simplified the installation and testing of Deveo on-premises even more. This blog post covers the features in detail giving you a quick glance what's new. Naturally, the best way to experience the new stuff is to try it yourself.

Card layout for issues

Deveo card layout for Issues

If you like Trello, we have good news for you. Deveo 3.11 introduces a way to track issues using a board-like view, made famous by Trello. If you head down to issues inside a project, you can simply switch to the card layout, and look how Deveo transforms into a Kanban board.

With Deveo issues you can naturally do much more than simply watch the beautiful card layout. You can assign people, mention team members, attach issues, set priorities and more. Previously, we wrote a comparison between issue tracking systems in code hosting platforms. The differentiator between Deveo and issue tracking systems in other code hosting platforms is that in Deveo you can define the states for each milestone. This allows us to show issues in a card layout in addition to a list view. Naturally for those who prefer the list view, it's still there in Deveo.

The new card layout is just a small sample of things to come as we have numerous other improvements lined up such as support for drag & drop and quick actions.

Master role

Deveo offers a project role based access management, which is done on a project level. The creator of the project becomes an administrator of the project, and can thus assign users, collaborators, groups or bots to the project with given roles. After introducing the protected branches, which prevent anyone else except the project administrators to push changes to certain branches, there was a need for another role. The master role falls between the developer role and the project administrator role. It differs from the developer in two distinctive ways:

  1. Master role can make changes to the protected branches, similarly as project administrators
  2. Master role can manage milestones.

Master role can be assigned to bots, users, groups and collaborators. It was possible to assign a project administrator role to bots previously, but it has been replaced with the Master role. Bots with admin role are migrated automatically to master role upon updating Deveo.

You can read the full description of project roles from Deveo user guide.

Expose bots through Deveo LDAP server

If you didn't know already, Deveo on-premises can act as an LDAP server. Deveo LDAP server gives development teams the ability to control and manage access rights to any tool that can be configured to use LDAP. Deveo 3.11 allows you to expose not just the users, but also the bot accounts, through its LDAP server, allowing you to configure service accounts and programmatic access to various tools. The beauty of Deveo bot account scheme is that a bot in Deveo can have multiple owners and members.

If you would like to know more about Deveo LDAP server, you can read it from Deveo Administrator guide.

Simplified installation

The Deveo on-premises installation has been simplified. The installation process now requires only three steps:

  1. Install packages
  2. Configure Deveo
  3. Log in and start using

The video below demonstrates the steps in real-time. Even with slow typing and slow virtual machine it took less than four and half minutes to get Deveo running from grounds up.


In addition to the three major features, Deveo 3.11 is packed with smaller enhancements. We improved the visibility constraints of bot accounts, which are now shown to all team members in the project. This will cause less ambiguity on who has access and who has done what.

Project activity feed grouping by date

Project activity is now grouped by date, which means you can easily see whether the activities are recent or happened a couple of weeks ago. The project activity feed will receive other improvements in the later releases that will make it even more useful in the future.

Prevent unsaved changes in Deveo Wiki editor

Deveo Wiki editor now prevents losing unsaved edits. This might sound rather a minor enhancement, but it actually might end up saving you hours of work. At least for our team, it has happened multiple times that we have been editing a wiki page, context switched to another task and found the changes gone after returning to the tab.

Deveo referencing a code review inside issue comment

In addition to mentioning teammates with @name annotation, Deveo supports referencing comments and code reviews in comments, wiki pages, and description fields. Deveo makes referencing easy with auto-completion. Auto-completion for the appropriate code review or issue can be done by simply writing either ! or # for code reviews and issues respectively, followed by one letter, which brings up a dropdown that allows you to search the exact code review or issue you want to refer. In Deveo 3.11, the searching also supports issue and code review numbers, so you can see whether you remember the number correctly.

There are a lot of smaller enhancements as well. The default base branch is now used in compare view by default. The latest commit message is now shown in repository tree view as a tooltip. Indentation is rendered for extended commit messages. Deveo will redirect to issue listing after a milestone is created. Modification timestamps are now shown for WebDAV repositories in addition to history links being disabled. Manage labels link is now shown only for people with privileges. Webhook documentation is now shown in the UI. MongoDB indexes have been improved and last, but not least internal Deveo links are now opened in the same window.

Bug fixes

We want to have a high-quality product with as few bugs as possible. Everybody hates bugs, right? In Deveo 3.11 we have fixed 10 bugs which are listed in the full release notes that can be accessed here.


Deveo 3.11 brings a lot of good stuff, so we naturally suggest upgrading. If you are using the cloud version, you don't need to do anything, as your update will happen automatically. Any feedback on the features is highly welcome, and any suggestions for enhancements or features are warmly accepted.

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