What's new in Deveo 3.12

What's new in Deveo 3.12

We released a new version of Deveo on 8th of August 2016. Our current aim is to release once in a month to deliver small iterative improvements and new stuff for both cloud users and on-premise installations alike. In this release, we were able to include 41 tasks, from which we have chosen a selected few to be covered in this blog post. If you want to read the changes in a more technical and condensed form, check out the release notes. But without further due, let's dig into the nice additions Deveo 3.12 delivers.

Drag & Drop support for issue tracking card layout

Deveo 3.11 introduced card layout, e.g. KanBan board, for project issues. The layout itself provides a way to see what's happening in the current milestone with a quick glance. Deveo 3.12 delivers the obvious next thing that was lacking from the initial implementation - drag & drop support for moving the cards. In Deveo 3.12 and onwards, you can drag & drop issues between states. It saves a couple of clicks in addition to providing a more intuitive workflow for managing issues within a milestone. The functionality is demonstrated in the gif below:

Drag and drop layout for issues

Let us know what improvements we should add next to improve the card layout even further. If you have any suggestions or ideas, do list them to our support portal.

My issues and reviews

Another change which is quite visible to every Deveo user is the My issues and reviews, that is part of the dashboard. This is the place where you land after logging in. My issues and reviews list all open issues and code reviews you are involved either by being the author or an assignee from all of your projects. My issues and reviews conveniently collects and combines issues and code reviews from all your projects, so you always know what's the most important thing to work on. To note, my issues and reviews does not list issues created by you, unless you are assigned to the issue. This is due to the fact, that you might not be interested or even part of the issue you have created or reported.

The projects you are part of are listed there like they used to be, but now they take less space and have pagination. See below how the new dashboard looks.

My issues and reviews in Deveo

Like the card layout for issues, we also want to improve the multi-project and power-user functionalities in Deveo. We are thinking about adding different quick actions and other goodies, but would like to hear from the audience, what would make your life with Deveo most efficient.

Company webhooks for project creation, modification, and deletion

Deveo 3.12 adds a way to trigger webhooks from project creation, modification, and deletion events. This functionality adds interesting integration and automation possibilities. Automatic creation of servers, environments, logging, and tool automation are all possible by simply creating a web hook to be triggered for project creation and modification events. Company level web hooks are such a powerful feature that they can be only configured by a company administrator. The configuration happens from the company scope.

Company webhooks in Deveo

Remember repository clone URL protocol selection

For repository access, Deveo supports SSH and HTTPS protocols. Some people like SSH and some HTTPS. Some companies restrict SSH access and so on, which basically rounds up that one size does not fit all. In order to bump up usability, Deveo 3.12 remembers the protocol selection you have made. This enhancement saves one extra click when cloning a repository if you happen to prefer SSH over HTTPS.

Deveo repository URL protocol selector

We wrote a separate blog post about the reasoning and the design process behind this usability enhancement. You can read it here.

Activity feed filtering

In Deveo, the project activity feed combines all of the events in a given project. It acts both as an audit log as well as a way to find what's currently happening in a given project, and especially, what's important.

Deveo 3.12 brings the ability to filter the project activities by type. This allows you to find for example the latest issue tracking events or the latest code related events quickly and swiftly. No longer do you have to browse through unnecessary information that seems meaningless. The filtering is demonstrated in the gif below:

Deveo activity feed filtering

Support for ECDSA and Ed25519 SSH keys

Deveo has previously supported both DSA and RSA based SSH keys for accessing repositories via SSH. It was requested that we would add support for ECDSA and Ed25519 based SSH keys in addition to the ones we already support. We heard the feedback and delivered. In Deveo 3.12, the supported key formats for SSH keys are DSA, RSA, ECDSA and Ed25519. In addition to adding support for two new key types, we also improved the validation and the error messages that are shown to a user if an incorrect key is added.

SSH key dialog in Deveo


Two security fixes were delivered as part of Deveo 3.12. First and foremost, we upgraded the LibSSL to the latest version, which fixes the OpenSSL Padding Oracle vulnerability (CVE-2016-2107). Secondly, we upgraded the ruby-saml gem that is used in SAML 2.0 based single sign-on authentication. The upgrade adds improvements in order to prevent Signature wrapping attacks.


In addition to everything above, we upgrade to Git 2.9, which is, at the time of writing, the latest major Git release. We covered some of the improvements in Git 2.9 in another blog post. Keeping up-to-date with the latest major releases allows us to improve the Git functionalities of Deveo in the long run.

Minor improvements

Some more minor enhancements and improvements were also delivered. Deveo 3.12 sorts milestones in reverse chronological order in milestone listing, and labels by name in ascending alphabetical order.

We also did an improvement related to the notification notifier, which is shown in the top-right corner. Deveo 3.12 shows the number of unread notifications instead of the red dot, that might be hard to see.

Deveo numbered notifications


Deveo 3.12 has been released to the cloud, and the on-premises packages are available from the customer portal. We hope you enjoy the new enhancements and features as much as we do internally. If you have any suggestions or improvement ideas, we would love to hear them out either in comments or in our support portal.

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