What's new in Deveo 3.14

What's new in Deveo 3.14

The newest version of Deveo is out! Deveo 3.14 delivers three new features in addition to a lot of smaller enhancements that will yield improvements to your workflows. If you didn't know already, we are releasing both Deveo cloud and on-premises versions approximately once in a month. This allows us to keep a good pace of delivering new stuff. The new stuff has been out in the cloud since Friday.

On-premises packages have been just published and can be downloaded from the Customer Portal. You can see the full list of changes from our official release notes, but let's take a look at the most important changes in more detail below.

New features

Deveo 3.14 brings the ability to limit project creation only to company admins. The limitation allows more strict control over who is able to create projects. Even with the limitation in place, project administrators are still able to manage the project users, repositories and everything else inside the project.

The Git powered Wiki functionality received support for searching pages by page content. Earlier the Wiki pages were only searchable by the page name. In Deveo 3.14 it's even more easy to find what you are looking for from the Wiki.

Deveo on-premises installations have supported LDAP and Active Directory authentication and authorization for a long time. In Deveo 3.14 the support for mapping LDAP or Active Directory groups to Deveo groups has been improved. Before Deveo 3.14 the only way to map a group was to use the fully qualified identifier for the group in question.

It's error-prone to type long identifiers such as CN=deveo_users,CN=Users,DC=deveo,DC=com in order to link a group. Thus, in Deveo 3.14 it's now possible to use also only the short name (CN), which would make the previous example simply deveo_users. The support for the distinguished name is naturally still there, as it allows the exact mapping to be used.


In addition to the new features, Deveo 3.14 contains a lot of smaller enhancements. The enhancements range from performance improvements to improving the overall user experience. Let's take a look at the most important enhancements.

In Deveo 3.14 the activity feed is updated utilizing WebSockets. Utilizing WebSockets yields real-time updates of new activity events within a project in the activity feed. The earlier implementation, utilizing polling, updated the events within intervals in addition to making requests to the server even though no events were fetched.

Deveo 3.14 delivers a facelift for issue labels. The new labels are more readable making it easier to distinguish what labels does an issue have. With the enhanced labels, it is easier to spot issues by color as the colored area is bigger and the colors are more vibrant. The facelift for the issue labels is the first step in bringing configurable label colors to Deveo.

Issue labels facelift

The ability to list only company admins in user listing allows finding who have the greater power within the company. Removing repetitive information from user and bot listings cleans up the UI and concentrates on listing the important information. Keeping form action buttons constantly visible inside task makes it faster to accomplish actions. Lastly, requiring an explicit button press for comparison requests in comparison screen makes the usability of comparing changes a better overall experience.

Smaller enhancements include sorting priorities in issues listing based on the order of the priorities instead of alphabetical order. Projects drop-down now renders a spinner while searching for projects. Drop-downs stay within the window even on small screens and mobile clients. Tooltips have been added for collapsed side menu to distinguish the icons. In addition, retina resolution logo has been added to the login form to please the eyes of large screen users.


From infrastructure side, Deveo 3.14 includes upgraded OpenSSH package to version 7.3p1. From the network side, it is possible to configure an HTTP proxy for outgoing connections in Deveo 3.14. The most likely use case for the proxy configuration are the hooks from on-premises Deveo installation to a public SaaS product, such as Slack, but the proxy settings can also be used for connecting Deveo cloud account to a service running behind a firewall that is accessible through a proxy. Last, but not least, the logging of authentication failures has been improved in on-premises installations.

Bug fixes

Some notable bug fixes included in Deveo 3.14 include the improved repository tree navigation. Before Deveo 3.14 it was possible to end up in a wrong state in the repository browser using a slow connection and clicking different links with a fast pace. Deveo 3.14 displays the commit author unless a Deveo user with the same name is found. Renaming a repository didn't update the clone URL before browser was reloaded. Private bot accounts couldn't see themselves through Deveo LDAP API. Git powered Wiki Drag and drop upload didn't work properly and pushing new branches needed a browser reload in repository browser and repository settings before the new branch was shown.


Deveo 3.14. pack a good set of new functionalities to try out and take into use. To read the more technical and list-like from the official release notes. Remember, if you want to affect on our roadmap, submit your requests at support.deveo.com.

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