What's new in Deveo 3.16?

What's new in Deveo 3.16?

The first Deveo release for 2017 is out. This release contains new features, and enhancements as well as bug fixes as you might expect. We are going to introduce the changes in this blog post. If you are interested in more technical release notes, you might want to look at the official Deveo 3.16 release notes. A new version of Deveo is released approximately once per month with a flexible scope. This allows us to deliver the changes our customers and users need. If you would like to affect on what's in the next release, submit a feature request in Deveo support.

Data usage statistics

In Deveo 3.16 it is possible for company administrators to see how much disk space their Deveo account is using. Deveo cloud service pricing is based on the amount of used storage and now it's easy to follow whether you are within the free usage limit, or how much you are going to be billed, for example. The data usage statistics are updated daily, so it might not always reflect the exact data usage at a given time.

Deveo Data usage Statistics

Forking Git and Mercurial (HG) repositories

For Git and Mercurial users, there is a surprise waiting. Many of our users have asked why doesn't Deveo support forking of repositories? Well, guess what; now we do. Deveo 3.16 introduces repository forking for Git and Mercurial repositories.

You can create a fork of a repository from the repository browser. All the forks you have permission to view are listed in the dropdown next to the fork button. When you are browsing a fork it shows the repository it has been forked from, if you have the permission to view that project.

Repository forking in Deveo 3.16

In the upcoming Deveo releases, we are going to introduce pull-requests, which is another commonly requested functionality.

Favorite projects

We have a delighting news for those of you who belong to multiple projects but only contribute to a subset of those projects. Deveo 3.16 introduces a concept of favorite projects for making it even faster to find and switch between the most often used projects.

Favorite projects are shown with a star next to them both in the dashboard and in the project listing at the top bar. A project is considered to be a favorite project if you have visited the project at least five times. There can be a maximum of five favorite projects, and they are listed in the order of how many times they have been accessed.

The information regarding favorite projects is stored in the browser's localStorage per individual user. If you don't want a certain project to be on the favorite project list, you can remove it by clicking the star and it will not show as a favorite project. This can be a handy functionality when you are switching from a project to another and no longer wish to see the old project at the top of the two project listings.

Deveo favorite projects in My dashboard and project menu

Agilefant hook

Agilefant is a tool for large-scale project portfolio management and project management alike. Agilefant Supports agile methods like Kanban and Scrum, and helps you to implement SAFe or LESS, but also bends to support traditional approaches such as the Waterfall. Deveo 3.16 introduces a post-commit hook for referencing Agilefant stories from code commits that include the story id in the commit message.

To use Agilefant hook, you need to configure it for a Git, Subversion or Mercurial repository and make a commit with a message that contains #<STORY ID>, e.g. This commit references #914111.

Deveo Agilefant hook

Smaller enhancements

Deveo 3.16 brings a lot of smaller enhancements in addition to the bigger features discussed earlier. There's now an ability to define the short_name for accounts when adding them through the UI. Assigning yourself to issues has been made one step simpler by adding a quick action to the issue details.

Assign issue to me

Other smaller enhancements include replacing the enable/disable options with modern toggles, adding an × icon to clear search input fields and adding a button for navigating back to repository listing from repository tree and history views.

Deveo Administrator link is now only shown to instance administrators and Company settings link is shown to company administrators in User Menu. In addition, the instance wide announcements can be now shown also on the login page. This allows you to show critical information even before your users log in.

Infrastructure improvements

Deveo 3.16 brings a set of improvements to the infrastructure level as well. We have started a journey to upgrade MongoDB to the latest one, but as it needs to be done in steps, we upgraded to the 3.x series in Deveo 3.16. Hook execution logs are Sanitized, as some of them spilled too much configuration information to the logs.

For on-premises installations, in Deveo 3.16 it's now possible to configure the sender of registration and notification emails, and receiver of backup-related emails separately from support email address.


In addition to the features, enhancements and infrastructure improvements, there were also some bug fixes, and the descriptions above only scratched the surface on the things we improved in Deveo 3.16. In order to feel the changes, you need to live them yourself. Also, if you want to read the full list of changes, check Deveo 3.16 release notes.

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