What's new in Deveo 3.17?

What's new in Deveo 3.17?

Deveo 3.17 was released Thursday! This time, it took us nearly two months to prepare the release, but rest assured, the features that we were able to pack are worth it. This blog post aims to highlight the most significant changes in the Deveo 3.17 release. Naturally, you'll get the best experience from the features by testing them out yourself live.

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New features in Deveo 3.17

  • Pull requests between repositories
  • Maven and Ivy repositories
  • Deadlines for issues
  • Emojis

Pull requests and code reviews

With Deveo 3.17 you can create code reviews between forks and do pull requests between repositories.

Before Deveo 3.17 it was only possible to create code reviews between branches in the same repository. Code reviews between branches have been supported for Git and Mercurial repositories. If you are interested, we have described the workflow in more detail in the Git code reviews and Mercurial code reviews blog posts.

As you might have noticed, Deveo 3.16 introduced forking for Git and Mercurial repositories. With Deveo 3.17, we introduced code reviews and pull requests between repositories that will change your life for the better!

Create a code review from a forked repository

A code review created from a forked repository looks and acts exactly the same as code review created from the same repository.

As we introduced the ability to create pull requests, we also added the capacity to specify the name of a fork when forking a repository. Before Deveo 3.17, the fork always had the name of the parent repository.

Code review from a forked repository

Maven and Ivy repositories

Another big improvement in Deveo 3.17 is the ability to manage Maven repositories. If you wish to host not just your code, but also your Maven build artifacts under one platform, this one is for you. You can add multiple Maven repositories under a single project and manage the repository specific permissions for Maven repositories from the team view.

Create new repository task view

We choose to list Maven and Ivy repository types separately, so that teams can more easily distinguish what is the tool of choice, regardless of the fact that both use Maven repository as the underlying technology. We are planning to extend the repository types in the future releases. If you have a Maven type repository that you would like to see listed, submit a feature request to our support portal.

Deadlines for issues

With Deveo 3.17 you will no longer miss deadlines. We promise! Some of our users pointed out that we are missing one crucial functionality from our issue tracking, the ability to set deadlines for the issues.

We listen to our users and with Deveo 3.17 we have delivered the missing feature. If you Dive into the issue listing, you should see a new column called the due date.

Due date column in issue listing

You can also see the deadlines for issues that have them in the card view or Kanban view, as we like to call it. If you jump into the issue details, you can see the deadline in the right sidebar. The difference in the issue details is that you see the accurate representation whereas the issue listing only shows how much time there's left in a given task.

Due date in the issue details


As the two beforehand mentioned enhancements were bit more serious, the third one hopefully brings more fun and laughter to the workplace. In Deveo 3.17 we introduced the ability to add emojis to all comments, issue and code review descriptions and Wiki pages. The emojis work by typing colon and a word, for example :laughing: would be rendered as a laughing face. The emojis are really something that cannot be described in more detail, just try them yourself!


If you are interested, we open sourced the emoji solution for Ember, check the project here.

Smaller enhancements

In addition to the four bigger enhancements presented above, we did some smaller enhancements throughout Deveo. Maximum diff size has been increased before the UI minimizes diffs. An "Expand all" option has been added to expand all minimized changesets at once in diff views. The maximum content size of comments, code reviews, milestones, tasks, and announcements has been increased, and confirmation for turning off repository authorization was added.

Bug fixes and internal improvements

In Deveo 3.17 we fixed the handling of Subversion locks where commits failed over HTTP protocol and attachments handling to freshly created Wiki pages. From internal improvements side, we improved SSH access audit logging for error scenarios. This makes debugging of authentication scenarios on on-premises installations easier. From component upgrade side, we updated Ember.js to 2.11.3.


This Deveo release contains long-awaited pull requests and the new Maven repository support makes it a no-brainer for anyone using Deveo to update.

Let us know what you think is the best feature in the release by commenting below! In the meantime the whole team wishes you a great weekend!

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