What's new in Deveo 3.18?

What's new in Deveo 3.18?

Deveo 3.18 has been just released! This is the 57th release bringing some long-awaited improvements to code reviews and other goodies. You can see the new features live by signing up or logging in to Deveo cloud, or by installing the latest on-premises version from the Deveo Customer portal.

Code review enhancements

Deveo 3.18 brings the ability to merge Git code reviews using different merge strategies. The currently supported merge strategies are:

  • normal merge
  • rebase and merge
  • squash

The normal merge is equivalent to running git merge --no-ff command. Rebase and merge will first rebase the feature branch on top of the base branch, and then do a fast-forward merge to the base branch. Squash is equivalent to using git merge --squash option. The merge options can be selected per each merge by clicking the cogwheel icon next to the merge button as seen in the picture below.

Deveo 3.18 code review

Deveo 3.18 also introduces the ability to configure default settings for merging code reviews. The configurable options include the merge strategy and whether to delete the feature branch after a merge. The options are configured from the repository settings.

Deveo 3.18 code review options in repository settings

Improved filtering and sorting of issues based on due dates

Deveo 3.17 introduced the ability to set due dates for issues. The second notable improvement in Deveo 3.18 is the ability to filter and sort issues based on due dates more efficiently. You can filter issues based on a date range, or quickly filter issues that are due in one week, one month or overdue.

Due date filtering in Deveo 3.18

Additional improvements and security enhancements

Deveo 3.18 adds support right-to-left languages for Wikis and other Markdown text fields. The text orientation is detected automatically based on the text layout you are typing. In addition, the . character can be used in label names and Deveo Jenkins hook now supports Subversion (SVN) repositories, in addition to Git and Mercurial repositories.

We have also implemented some improvements to diff rendering performance. These improvements allow us to implement bigger enhancements related diffs, including the ability to expand the diff context. From the security point of view, Deveo 3.18 improved TLS settings.


Deveo 3.18 also fixes some bugs. Links to Wiki attachments that contain parentheses now work properly. Repository roles of private bots and groups were not visible to all repository members and company rename broke Mercurial repository access altogether.


Especially if you are using Git and doing a lot of code reviews or issue tracking with due dates is your thing, Deveo 3.18 should bring some nice additions to your table. If you are a Subversion user, the Jenkins hook support might be worth to consider upgrading. Nevertheless, you can try the latest changes live in our cloud environment or install Deveo on-premises to your server by signing up for free. You might also want to check out the technical release notes of Deveo 3.18.

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