What's new in Deveo 3.20?

What's new in Deveo 3.20?

A new version of Deveo has been released! Deveo 3.20 delivers interesting new functionalities including the first iteration of code search that we expect to be welcomed positively. In addition to code search, there are smaller improvements to enhance workflows. As always, you can find the technical Deveo 3.20 release notes from our website.

Code search

The most noticeable new feature in Deveo 3.20 is by far code search. Code search indexes the latest content in Git repositories from the default branch, allowing you to search files from all the repositories you have access to.

Code Search in Deveo 3.20

The first iteration of code search supports Git repositories and a limited set of filtering options. We are planning to improve the functionality based on the feedback received, so let your voice be heard and share your comments either by commenting this post or by giving feedback.

Enable Code Search from Company Settings

If you are using Deveo from the cloud, you will need to enable code search from the Company Settings view. If you are an on-premises user, you will need to setup a separate Elasticsearch instance for indexing. The documentation for setting up Elasticsearch can be found from the administrator's guide. If you need help or instructions on enabling or setting up code search, kindly email Deveo support at support@deveo.com.

Trigger webhooks from branch and tag events

The second improvement relates to hooks. Deveo has company-, project-, and repository-level webhooks. Deveo 3.20 adds support for triggering repository webhooks on Git repositories not just for commit events, but also for branch and tag related events. You can now build more advanced integrations between Deveo and other tools by configuring webhooks to be triggered when a tag or a branch is created or deleted.

Webhook Configuration

Repository webhook configuration happens under a project's Hooks view. Simply add a new webhook or edit an existing one, and enable the branch and tag events as additional triggers.


In addition to the two major improvements described above, Deveo 3.20 contains smaller enhancements as well. Firstly, repository level authorization user interface has been improved based on the feedback we received. There's now an additional confirmation when enabling repository level authorization. This will prevent project administrators from enabling repository level authorization by mistake, which lead to existing project roles being unwillingly reset.

Confirmation on Enabling Repository Level Authorization

Another improvement to the Team view is that repositories having repository level authorization enabled are now shown by default. You don't have to manually select these repositories to be shown anymore.

Secondly, Deveo 3.20 adds pagination controls to the Group Members view. This will allow you to browse a large number of group members more conveniently, in addition to seeing the number of users in a group.

Bug fixes

Deveo 3.20 fixes some bugs in addition to the features and improvements. Before Deveo 3.20, drag'n'drop was enabled for issues even if the user had insufficient privileges. Updating existing changesets comment did not work properly. Empty commit messages broke certain hooks and the hooks view listed hooks for removed repositories.

Try the new changes yourself

You can see the full list of changes from the Deveo 3.20 technical release notes, but if you'd rather see things in action, either login to Deveo cloud, or sign up for free!

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