Why WebDAV Repository is Such a Cool Feature?

Why WebDAV Repository is Such a Cool Feature?

Storing large binary files like pictures, videos or project documentation is something that should be avoided in version control systems. Your software development team will probably still need a method to store large files on a server so that they can access them regardless of their location. Luckily, there's one terrific solution to this problem: WebDAV. If you want to keep your version control nice, tidy and functional, you might want to use WebDAV for your large binary packages.

As you already might know, Deveo supports the three most widely used open source version control systems Git, Subversion, and Mercurial. In order to let our customers develop awesome software, collaborate seamlessly and store all the relevant data in one place, Deveo supports also WebDAV repositories. After all, it is important to be able of accessing all the relevant data in one place.

The following video shows you, how easy it is to set up a WebDAV repository and add a file - in this case Deveo's logo - by dragging and dropping to the repository with Mac Os X.

For you TL;DW people out there, here are the steps:

1. Open your project's repositories view and add a new WebDAV repository

Just select the right type of repository (WebDAV) from the drop down menu, name your repo and click create.

2. Open the repository and clone its URL to your clipboard

Using the "Copy to clipboard button" makes this rather seamless.

3. Connect your Mac Os X Finder to the repository by using the copied URL

Open the Finder, and navigate to "Go" on the top bar and select "Connect to Server", or use a shortcut ⌘ + K. Add the copied repository URL to the Server Address and connect.

4. Drag and drop files to the folder

Server address appears in the Finder under Shared. Now you can just drag and drop files to the folder, and they will be added to the WebDAV repository in Deveo. I added a .png file, which you can see in the picture above.

5. Access the files in your Deveo instance

Voilà! Now you and your team members can access the files also in your Deveo instance. If you want, you can share a particular file with your team members by copying its URL, as shown in the picture above. Naturally, your team members can add the repository to their own Finder by cloning it, and add and access the files through it.

So, by using Deveo, there's no need to fill your version control with binary files. Just use WebDAV, and keep your code repositories lean.

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