Wrapping Up The Clojure Finland April Meetup

Wrapping Up The Clojure Finland April Meetup

We just wrapped up the Clojure Finland meetup today, and I'm happy to say we had a blast!

The bulk of the evening was spent listening to some fascinating talks from local Clojurists.

  • Timo Sulg gave an introduction to Datomic. He has been using it to build an full-stack Clojure application (Clojure all the way from the browser to the database).
  • I presented a draft business model canvas for Clojure Cup, an idea I've been thinking about, of having a Rails Rumble style global hackathon for the Clojure community. Happy to say the response was positive. I'll definitely write more about this soon.
  • Jonas Enlund presented the rule system of his fantastic Kibit static analysis tool, and the techniques he has used to implement it in Clojure's core.logic.
  • Pasi Heikkinen gave us a code walkthrough of his core.logic adventures, involving generating and rating poker hands.
  • Markku Rontu shared his experiences from a year of making games in ClojureScript in various hackathons and compos.

The guys will be posting their materials online over at the Clojure Finland Google Group, so head over there if you want to see more about the topics. Markku has already shared his materials:

All in all, we had about 30 people present in the meetup. This was the first event we did in our new premises at +Studio, and I think it worked out quite nicely. We'll definitely be hosting more events in the near future, starting from DevOps Finland next week!

Thanks for everyone who joined! A special shoutout to the Metosin guys for joining and handing out some delicious Programmer's Brew for everyone! We also discussed getting together again next month, at the Nitor Creations HQ. Information about that will be posted on the Google Group.

by: Tero Parviainen

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