Wrapping up the DevOps Finland April meetup

Wrapping up the DevOps Finland April meetup

We had a blast yesterday at the DevOps Finland meetup with almost 40 participants and a number of hot debates.

  • Erno Aapa has opened an event and shared his experiences with provisioning and deployment.
  • Walter Heck an official Puppet Labs trainer from Netherlands started his presentation by asking audience to choose the topic. "Skip straight to Q&A" - Mikhail Sobolev suggested. The rest of Walters' talk turned into a debate "Why to use Puppet", "Why not to use it?", "Why not use the packages manager and bash scripts?".

Overall there were several camps: Puppet users, Chef users and people who like to package everything. Definitely, there is no "a one size fits all solution", but it was great to have various opinions on the subject.

Thanks for everyone who joined us! A special thanks to Erno Aapa for organizing this event and Walter Heck for handling the tough questions from the audience.

P.S. There were some concerns whether Puppet is a good tool for application deployment. I suggest you to take a look at our hands-on blog post Deveo Deployment Strategies Extracted, which demonstrates how you can use Chef to handle both configuration management and application deployment.

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