Deveo is a 2016 Blue Arrow Awards Finalist

Deveo is a 2016 Blue Arrow Awards Finalist

"Blue Arrow awards selects the best services, teams, people and code in digital industry in 7 categories.

We are looking for quality and depth in concept, design, and code."

Deveo has been nominated as a finalist in the 2016 Blue Arrow Awards in the Best Performing Team category. Only five teams were selected to the finals in this category. The Jury chose Deveo due to its nature as a 100% remote company located in five different countries.

In their decision, the jury stated that "The approach is very different, as the whole team is remote and thus provides a different angle to the other finalists, presenting an opportunity for all of us to learn."

So, what makes Deveo so awesome? How can a remote company with only a couple of meetings in person per year perform in an award winning way? What can other companies learn from Deveo? We discussed this in our team, and as a result, we recognized three key factors to our remote team's success:


The first and most important factor are Deveo's talented, and motivated people, who embrace the change. More precisely put, our team believe in Deveo as a product and we are really committed to its development. At Deveo, we do things together.

Culture and Values

The second factor is Deveo's culture, which is based on our five core values: keep things simple, be open, connect to the customer, stay curious, and take the initiative. These values allow us to be flexible and trust each other. Trust means that you can rely on your team to deliver and that there's no micromanagement.

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Effective Tools

A remote team wouldn't be able of performing without a good set of collaboration tools. Our daily operations are possible due to different communication technologies such as Flowdock, and Google Hangouts. And of course, as a software company with a remote team, we eat our own dog food and use Deveo in software development.

The winner will be announced in the Blue Arrow Awards Gala in Helsinki on May 26th, 2016. Then we'll know, who comes second!

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