Forking and Pull Requests in Deveo

Forking and Pull Requests in Deveo

The recently released Deveo 3.17 makes it possible to create pull requests from forked Git and Mercurial repositories. This blog post will cover the basics of forking a repository in Deveo, and creating a pull request for it.


"Forking" simply means creating a copy of a repository for your own use. Forks allow you to do independent development where any changes made to the fork do not affect the original (parent) repository.

Creating a fork in Deveo is straightforward. Start off by navigating to the project and the repository inside of it that you'd like to fork. Once in the repository tree view, click on the "Fork" button. The dropdown next to it lists any existing forks.

Fork Button

In the "Create a fork" view, select the project you would like to fork the repository into. Here you can also define a different name for the repository. By default, the name will be the same as the name of the parent repository. Please note that creating a fork requires read privileges to the parent repository, as well as repository creation privileges in the target project (the project you are forking the repository into). For more information, please see the project & repository roles section in our user guide.

Fork Form

Once clicking on "Create", you'll have successfully created your first fork! Now you can clone the repository and start doing changes. The next section will cover the process of creating pull requests in Deveo.

Pull requests

Pull requests are a way of merging the changes in a fork back to the parent repository. In Deveo, pull requests are simply code reviews whose source and target branches belong to separate repositories in different projects.

Pull requests are created like any other code review. To create a new pull request, navigate to the project containing the parent repository. Once inside the project, browse to the "Code Reviews" view, and click on the "New Code Review" button.

New Code Review Button

In the "New Code Review" form, select the repository the fork was created from. A link will then appear on the right in case there are forks available. Click on it, and a new "Fork" dropdown appears. Next, select the project containing the forked repository. The contents of the "Source" dropdown will now reflect the forked repository. Then, select the source containing the changes you'd like to merge. Finally, from the "Destination" dropdown, select the target you would like to merge the changes into.

Code Review Form

Proceed to fill in the rest of the form, and click on "Create" - you've now successfully created your first pull request! The newly created pull request functions just like any regular code review.

Final notes

As seen in this guide, creating forks and pull requests in Deveo is pretty straightforward. We are aiming to simplify the flow of creating pull requests even further in the upcoming releases.

It's also worth mentioning that Deveo 3.18 will include long-awaited support for different merge methods (squash and rebase) for Git repositories, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the Intercom chat widget on our website at, or by dropping us an email at

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