How to configure a default company to your Deveo on-premises installation

How to configure a default company to your Deveo on-premises installation

We have built the Deveo architecture to be multi-tenant by nature. This is in line with our vision to support the development organizations within for-profit companies. Some other cloud-based SaaS solutions, such as GitLab and BitBucket have taken an open-source approach and stress openness and sharing as their core.

In addition to our multi-tenant SaaS offering, Deveo is widely used as on-premises installations behind the corporate firewalls. This means companies are using Deveo as their Git, Subversion (SVN) or Mercurial (HG) server. Multi-tenancy however, is rarely used in on-premises installations since it's more common to allow the whole organization to have potential visibility to ongoing software projects.

In order to improve the Deveo experience from grounds up to our customers that have only one company within their on-premises Deveo installation, we have added the possibility to configure a default company in deveo.json configuration file in Deveo 3.7.0. The configuration can be added to the app part of the configuration. After the configuration has been applied, you need to run sudo deveo-ctl reconfigure in order the settings to take place.

The YouTube video below we demonstrate the functionality and how to enable it. If you have any feedback how to make Deveo even more seamless, leave a comment below.

This is the first video of Deveo functionalities. We will provide more videos in the future about new functionalities we release. Stay tuned.

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