Jenky - beautiful radiator for Jenkins

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Do you use Jenkins? Do you think that your Jenkins radiator screen looks ugly? Well, today Deveo Team has open sourced Jenky - a beautiful radiator for your Jenkins CI server.

Here is what authors say about it:

A radiator shows the status of your integration server's builds and test jobs in a large format suitable for showing on a large TV or monitor screen on a wall of your office.

Most radiators are functional but not pretty. Jenky tries to be both. This means that how Jenky presents information is just as important as the information itself.

We have made most of the choices related to aesthetics and user experience for you. This includes things like colours, use of white space, and making the information hierarchy obvious.

Got excited to try it out? Go to Github and read instructions on how to start using it. We also accept contributions :)

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