Junction 2016

Junction 2016

We participated in Junction 2016 - Europe's largest hackathon. Junction was a converging point for over a thousand developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from around the world. There were nearly 300 submissions for 10 different tracks. Namely Hacker's delight, Game jam, Virtual reality, IoT, Data-driven economy, Fintech, Artificial intelligence, Healthtech, Intelligent buildings, E-commerce and retail, and Future mobility. If Hacker's delight would have been named DevOps, all the trendy buzzwords would have been represented.

Deveo's challenge and the winner

The challenge we set up was included in the hacker's delight track with the intention to collect feedback from Deveo usage. The judging criteria we decided internally was to simply count how many events does a signup have in Deveo during the event. We received nearly 30 sign ups with the JUNCTION2016 promotion code, but only half of those had any events during the event. There was a tight battle for the first place between two very active teams. The difference between the most active and the second most active teams was only 10 events.

Even without the biggest number of events, the winning team, Smartplan.tech, would have received an honorary mention as they were the only team actually utilizing Deveo APIs. The solution Smartplan.tech came up with is an application that turns your phone into a second screen displaying your current task and shortlist of the next tasks. When you finish the task or want to make a break, it requests for your feedback to make the best-personalized list for you, where tasks of different types are mixed in order to prevent you from getting bored with monotonous work and be as effective as you can at the same time.

The team used Deveo as a source of tasks, MongoDB, Java for building Android app and Python for business logic. The backend uses machine learning methods to build an optimal task rearrangement algorithm. It was nice to see that building an issue tracking from scratch on top of our APIs was possible within the short timeframe.

Smartplan.tech under the hood

You may see all the submissions that announced their participation in Deveo challenge in Devpost. All of them are very interesting ideas. I liked the innovations K-choice and Muki day had figured out personally the most as they are practical and simple.

Feedback about Deveo

The general feedback we got from the teams was that Deveo is simple to use and setting a software project up doesn't take much effort. Deveo user experience is top notch and it seems intuitive to use and everything you need is there. One specific thing developers seem to like about Deveo is how different repositories are combined under one project.

Naturally, we also wanted to know areas where we can improve. Some of the improvement ideas that we got are listed below:

  • Ability remove branches from the UI
  • Subtasks for issues
  • Assigning multiple issues to one person
  • Ability to assign tasks to people when creating them
  • Some of our APIs don't seem to give graceful error message if wrong content type is posted
  • Adding new users via email in web client should trim the input
  • Making public projects more visible to people who are not assigned to them

The feedback has been listed to our issue tracker, and we have already started acting to bring these enhancements to Deveo. For any suggestions, we have a open request board at support.deveo.com where you can submit feedback and suggestions.


Junction 2016 was a thrilling and intriguing experience. So much innovation under one roof, so much getting things done mentality. From myself personally as well as from the whole Deveo team, we thank all the organizers and especially the participants for a great hackathon.

Hope to see you next year!

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