REMOTE work at Deveo

REMOTE work at Deveo

It has been a while since we shared our news with you. There have been many changes. Deveo is spinning off from Eficode to become a company of its own. We are definitely excited to get onto startup track and will start sharing our experiences and learnings with you through Deveo Blog.

Even though we are lucky to be a spin off company with all the amazing support from Eficode, starting a new company might be quite challenging.

During our first early steps we learned a startup should not waste time dealing with unnecessary stuff, such as looking for an office or buying furniture. It is more valuable to start working on a Product and, as Steve Blank suggests, "getting out of the building".

One of the foundations in Deveo culture we are building is remote work. We believe working remotely has several key advantages:

  • We get access to the best talent anywhere in the world.
  • We are flexible to change our working environment for the maximum productivity.
  • We are less interrupted by meetings and office noise.
  • We have freedom to relocate to another city or even country.
  • We save money on expensive office space and commuting.

Most of the times you do not need a permanent office. Just disregard all the hype around being at the office and ask yourself, "Where can I work from to stay the most productive?". It might be your home, a café, park, or a co-working space.

Of course, telework requires a strong culture, trust and self-motivation. Moreover, some people might get a "cabin fever" or prefer quiet space for better concentration. Our solution at Deveo, was to join a co-working space. There are various places available, such as RocketSpace in US or TheHub around the globe.

We landed at +Studio and fell in love with it. It is an amazing loft-styled atmosphere with people from various industries, includes all facilities, mobile desks, good coffee and has a number of meeting rooms available on request. We sometimes see each other, meaning Deveo team members, but it is merely to get out of the "cabin" but still work remotely.

We are happy to hear how others are running remote. What kind of solutions you have to help with "cabin fever"? Please share with us.

P.S. Hopefully the upcoming Remote: Office Not Required book by 37Signals will also sched lights on the topic.

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