Repository URLs Changes

Repository URLs Changes

Last year we've announced the beta of Deveo UI and the new domain name: It is now in full swing and completely isolated from our marketing site

Until now, the repository URLs were still pointing to However, having two domains confused a lot of users and also made our infrastructure fragile and complex. Therefore, over the weekends we've updated Deveo to serve all the repositories from

Most users won't have to do anything as a result of these changes. The SSH operations are forwarded on the network layer and HTTP operations send 301 redirects. We are planning to keep the redirection open for at least 3 months, so that you can take your time to migrate to new URLs. Here is how:

Go to your Deveo Poject repository page, copy the "Clone URL" of your preferred access method (SSH or HTTPS) and follow the steps below:


Run the following command within your repository for each remote, for example:

git remote set-url origin YOUR_COPIED_URL


Open the .hg/hgrc within your repository and update the [paths] section, for example:



Run the following command within your working copy:

svn relocate YOUR_COPIED_URL

Other clients

For WebDAV shares, GUI clients, or CI machines, you will need to change the URL manually inside the application you are using.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation in making Deveo even better! If you need any help with migration, contact our Support Team.

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