Mapping out your DevOps implementation?

A recap of thoughts and comments from Electric-cloud's continuous discussions episode 53 where our CEO, Ilmari participated.

A battle-tested DevOps platform

It is pretty difficult to choose the best tools for a DevOps organisation. This blog post presents a great example of a battle-tested DevOps platform.

How the Kanban method is inspiring our approach to issue management

In this blog post we take a look at the Kanban method, and how it has inspired the issue management workflow in Deveo, since the release of Deveo 3.12.

Why we use integrations to improve our communication and productivity as a distributed team

In this post I take a look at how we use integrations and automation to overcome the most critical challenge of being a distributed team: Communication.

Hosted CI services that support any repository hosting services

This blog post compares four different continuous integration services, that support any code hosting platforms.

Dockerizing the IT infrastructure

A blog post describing a talk at Devops 2016 event on improving how we deliver our software to our customers as well as how provision internal IT services.

Wrapping up the DevOps Finland April meetup