What's new in Deveo 3.13

What's new in Deveo 3.13

We have just released a new version of Deveo. This monthly release contains 24 enhancements and bug fixes. The new features delivered in Deveo 3.13 include enhancements to the user experience as well as internal improvements. Some long-awaited features have also been added due to high demand from customers. This blog post will give you a quick overview of the changes. If you're interested in reading the release notes in full, you can find them here.

Instance-wide announcements

One feature that has been on our backlog since the inception of Deveo is allowing instance administrators to set global announcements for Deveo users. This is now possible for Deveo on-premises installations from Deveo version 3.13 onwards. Instance-wide announcements are managed from the Deveo Admin, which can be accessed only by the instance administrators. Deveo Admin can be accessed via https://<your-deveo-host>/admin URL.

Instance wide announcements

Once an instance-wide announcement is added, the only configuration is to set announcement active or inactive. In addition, announcements can be modified or deleted. If you are using multiple companies in your Deveo instance, the announcements are shown to all companies within the instance.

Improved progress bars in milestone listing

The milestones view has been improved in Deveo 3.13. The new milestones view lists open and closed states, and the number of issues there are. Below the listed states there is a progress bar that visualizes how many tasks are in open and closed states respectively.

Deveo 3.13 milestone visualization

The improved milestones view helps users to grasp how much work there is still left to be done and how much work has been done.

Default milestone

Milestones and issue tracking receives another enhancement in Deveo 3.13. It is now possible to make one milestone default for a project. The default milestone is automatically selected when you enter the issue listing. In addition, the default milestone is placed on top of the milestone listing and marked with (Default milestone) text.

Syntax highlighting for markdown code blocks

It is a common scenario to include code snippets inside comments, wiki pages, and issue descriptions. In Deveo, wiki pages, issue and code review descriptions, and comments accept content that is formatted in markdown syntax. All markdown formatted content in Deveo has supported code blocks for quite some time, but enabling syntax highlighting bumps the usability up a notch.

Syntax highlighting for markdown code blocks in Deveo

The highlighting is only enabled when viewing the page. The code blocks are shown without highlighting when editing a wiki page. Try it yourself by adding the following Javascript snippet to your Wiki page, for example:

   var score = 75;     // Score
   var msg;            // Message

   if (score >= 50) {  // If score is 50 or higher
     msg = 'Congratulations!';
     msg += ' Proceed to the next round.'; 

   var el = document.getElementById('answer');
   el.textContent = msg;

Improved avatars

The last notable enhancement in Deveo 3.13 is the replacement of user, collaborator and project icons with initials. Users have had the ability to upload avatars, which is a nice way to show who you are, but we wanted to add some way to distinguish those users who don't use avatars. At the same time, we decided to add the same improvement to project avatars for clarity. See the change for yourself below.

Deveo dashboard with project initials

Smaller enhancements

Smaller enhancements include the ability to reference SVG images in markdown. We also added pagination to search results and show account and group shortnames without opening the task view. This makes it easier to find the right person when there are hundreds or thousands of people in a company. In addition, we added a confirmation dialog to the code review decline button in order to avoid any accidental declines.

As a heavy keyboard user, my favorite smaller enhancement in Deveo 3.13 is that it automatically selects the clone URL when opening the clone URL popup. This sounds like a small thing, but when you want to get stuff done fast, even one extra click can be too much.

Upgrades, internal improvements, and bug fixes

We did some behind the scenes magic, in addition to the new stuff that's more visible. One of the background improvements was upgrading Deveo web client to Ember 2.7.1. We are keeping up with the stable Ember releases in order to upgrade to Ember 2.8 with the new Glimmer rendering engine as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we are not perfect. Even though it's hard to admit, there are some bugs in Deveo. What we are eager to do, though, is to maintain a low number of bugs in our backlog. To highlight a few bug fixes we delivered in Deveo 3.13 are that changes in milestone states didn't preserve the order, bot account SSH keys were not always shown in the UI, and redirections after login did not work for Issues and Wiki views.


What is your favorite new feature in Deveo 3.13? Or is there something you would like us to add in the future? Let us know by adding a request in our support portal or by commenting this post.

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