What's new in Deveo 3.15

What's new in Deveo 3.15

Deveo is a code hosting and collaboration platform that offers free private Git, Subversion, Mercurial and WebDAV repository hosting. With Deveo 3.15 we are proud to introduce the 53rd Deveo release. This blog post walks you through interesting new enhancements and gives you an overview of changes. If you wish to read the more technical and list-like release notes, they are available here.

Repository level authorization

Every repository in Deveo belongs to a project. Before Deveo 3.15 the permissions for all repositories under a project were the same. In addition, it wasn't possible to change permissions per individual repository. Users with few repositories or projects, the project level permissions were sufficient, but Deveo has companies with thousands of projects and repositories.

In some cases, there can be hundreds of repositories in a single project. If the project would have liked more fine-grained access control to the repositories, they would have needed to create hundreds of projects. This, in turn, would have lead to information being scattered in different projects.

Deveo 3.15 brings the ability to control access rights not only on the project level but also on the repository level. This is a big and powerful enhancement that will allow extremely fine-grained permission definitions.

Project level permissions in Deveo 3.15

Repository level permissions are controlled in the team view. Deveo 3.15 has revised the whole team screen to provide a unified and simple user experience when controlling the permissions. The team view has been divided into two tabs - Project permissions and repository permissions. If the project permissions are enough, you may keep using only them and simply use the project tab which is shown by default. By switching to repository tab you are able to enable repository level permissions per repository and start managing the permissions in a more fine-grained manner.

Repository level permissions in Deveo 3.15

You can read the updated documentation how the repository level permissions affect access rights from the user guide. We wanted to introduce repository level permissions as an additional layer rather than change the whole access scheme. We also wanted to maintain backward compatibility so that on-premises installations can be updated without fear of incompatible changes. In short, updating to Deveo 3.15 does not alter access rights in any way. Repository level permissions are something you enable per repository.

Configurable password expiration

Another change that Deveo 3.15 brings is the ability to configure password expiration. Configuring password expiration allows on-premises installations to set password policies with two separate settings - password expiration in days (password_expire_days), and prevent existing passwords to be used when changing a password (password_expire_count). Both of the settings are configured in deveo.json file. You can read more about the Deveo configuration file from the administrator guide.

Password expiration applies only when authenticating using built-in authentication in on-premises installations. We don't have immediate plans to bring this functionality to the cloud, but if you would like to see password expiration also in the cloud, request it at our support portal. The instructions for password expiration can be found here.

Color management for issue labels

Smaller, but more visible change in Deveo 3.15 is the ability to configure colors for issue labels. The issue label colors can be configured from the label management screen as shown below. Deveo 3.15 provides some automatically picked colors in addition to the ability to define the exact color code.

Deveo 3.15 issue label colors

Link to code review creation from compare view.

Smaller enhancement that still might save a couple of clicks from time to time is the possibility to create a code review directly from the code comparison screen.

Deveo 3.15 create code review button in code comparison view

Upgrade Ember to 2.10.

The last of the enhancements is more of a tech stack upgrade but it deserves a special mention as we have been waiting for it internally for some time now. Ember 2.10 was released on November 30th, 2016. It includes the long-awaited Glimmer 2 rendering engine which yields some hefty overall performance improvements in addition to yielding smaller total JavaScript size. We included Ember 2.10 upgrade to Deveo 3.15 as we wanted all of our end users to enjoy the benefits as fast as possible. Enjoy!

Bug fixes

As always, we had some time to squash bugs in addition to the feature development. Prior Deveo 3.15 notification settings were not editable for some projects. Project managers could not access project settings view. Selected milestone filter was overridden when returning to issues.


See what's new by logging into the Deveo cloud or update your on-premises installation by downloading the latest package from the customer portal. Last, but not least, let us know what you think and what could be next!

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