What's new in Deveo 3.19

What's new in Deveo 3.19

Deveo 3.19 has been released! The release contains one bigger improvement in addition to a number of smaller features. You can see the full list of changes in a list-like page, but if you would like to read more in-depth descriptions, let's get our hands dirty without further due.

Organizing issues using drag & drop

Deveo introduced a Kanban board view for task management in Deveo 3.11. The functionality was further enhanced in Deveo 3.12 with the ability to drag & drop issues between different states. Now, in Deveo 3.19, we enhanced the Kanban board view to support organizing the issues within one state using drag & drop. To test the feature out, simply start dragging a task and you'll notice that you can now arrange its position within the same state column in addition to moving it from one state to another.

Gif of drag & drop priorities

File upload for WebDAV repositories

WebDAV repositories are used for project file sharing. You could say WebDAV repositories replace Dropbox or even Google Drive for your team. You can mount them to your desktop or laptop to share files. Deveo 3.19 introduces the ability to upload files into WebDAV repositories through the Deveo web UI. You can also create new folders and delete files and folder. If you intend to upload larger files, we still recommend you to use an external client.


Deveo 3.16 introduced a way to assign yourself to issues in a bit easier way. Deveo 3.19 introduces the exact same convenience to code reviews. It is now possible to assign yourself to a code review with one click.

Notifications related to code reviews email got some love too. In Deveo 3.19 new code review notifications are only sent to repository subscribers, not project subscribers as they used to. This will mean less meaningless emails.

The choice of how many items are listed per page for such pages that contain lists of things is now saved into browsers localStorage. The users listing will show account registration status.

The last noteworthy improvement in Deveo 3.19 is that it avoids loading all references at once in various views around the web application. Avoiding loading all of the references improves the experience for those views that load the references from repositories that contain a lot of branches or tags. It is naturally still possible to search all branches and tags in these views, but the set that gets is loaded initially is smaller.

Bug fixes

A couple of bugs were fixed as usual. The user profile had minor glitches when uploading avatars that are now gone. In addition, editing existing code review comments did not allow saving them.


The Deveo 3.19 features are already in the Deveo cloud and the Deveo on-premises installation package can be downloaded from the Deveo customer portal. If you are new to Deveo, sign up to try it either in the cloud or by installing it on your local machine.

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